گروه مالی ملت

Ma Insurance:

Ma Insurance Co. was incorporated under no. 407563 on Jul. 4, 2011 and received its activity permission in all insurance types including properties, individuals, and responsibility under no. 90/13763 on Jul. 6, 2011 from Iran Central Insurance of Iran Co.. Ma Insurance Co. has obtained a good place by employing skilled human force and experts in insurance industry. Ma Insurance Co. acts in all insurance fields now with more than 40 branches and 1000 agents in all over country and is ready to serve the respectful policy holders.
Ma Insurance Co. Mission
  • Value-creation for all beneficiaries and help for prosperity of national economy by making confidence in economic activities cycle of country
  • Offering insurance services in both fatal and nonfatal insurances divisions all over the country through a wide distribution network
  • Providing minor cheap policies and major policies with competitive prices
  • Value-creation and synergy by integrating and gathering insurance premiums
  • Providing reasonable and constructive transactions with monitoring entities in insurance industry of country
Address: No 9, Vanak St, Vanak sq., Tehran, Iran
Postal Code:1994618317
Tel: 9821-8690+
Fax: 9821-88192706+
International Affairs: 9821-88207466+