گروه مالی ملت

Mellat Leasing Company (Public Joint Stock Company) :

Mellat Leasing Company (Public Joint Stock Company) with national ID 10103972003 and registration number 350287 started operating on 11/03/1388 under the supervision of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. On 18/90/2015, the company was transformed from a private company into a public company, and according to the decision of the admission board of the Tehran Stock Exchange and Securities Organization, it was accepted on the stock exchange with the code 6591 and with the symbol of "Vemellat". The second market of the stock exchange was done.
Currently, Mellat Leasing Company is one of the active members of the "Iranian Leasing Companies Association".
This company tries to improve the production-oriented economy in the country by providing a logical relationship between the producer and the consumer while serving the target market. The main subject of the company's business is the leasing of goods and services, and the company's capital is currently 800 billion Rials. Mellat Financial Group owns 67% of the company's shares.
Address: No. 22, 19th Street, Argentina Square, Tehran, Iran.
Tel: 0098 21 87240000
Fax: 0098 21 87241036
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