گروه مالی ملت

Sarmayegozari Tose Moein Mellat:

Sarmayegozari Tose Moein Kheradmandan company with national ID 10320359435 and registration number 385603 was registered on 2010 and started operating. The company 's name changed to the Sarmayegozari Tose Moein Mellat. On dated 2014 January 20, the type of company was changed from a private company to a public company, and it was listed in the list of companies registered with the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization with the number 11245 on 01/27/2014. 
The company has been established as an investment company (financial institution) licensed by the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization on the subject of buying and selling shares of listed and over-the-counter companies and setting up a suitable portfolio independently and professionally. At present, the company's capital is 3000 billion rials. 
Mellat Financial Group owns 97% of the company's shares. 

Address: Mellat Financial Group Company Building First Floor, No. 14, Pirouzan St., Shahid Massoud Saberi St., Vanak Sq., TEHRAN, IRAN
Tel: 0098 21 88037984
Fax: 0098 21 88037984