گروه مالی ملت


Developer of Bank Mellat Banking and Finance activities, facilitating and expediting its processes.


We are the executive branch of Mellat Bank and the interface between the money market and the capital market. The core of our operations is to target Bank Mellt's non-controlling investments and to complement the value chain of companies and firms in the area of financial activities. We are committed to enhancing shareholder wealth, and to fulfill our commitment, we are committed to leading and overseeing subsidiary portfolios and value creation in all affiliate markets. We also facilitate the return of Mellat Bank's operations to the banking value cycle through the use of market strategies in the monetary and capital markets to maintain its focus on its core business in the banking sector.


Becoming a leading financial and specialized holding company at the country level, while generating the bulk of Mellat Bank's profits.
Carrying out great goals with the Mellat Financial Group Company